About Us

Carodsales.com is a free network for local classifieds in India. The prime objective behind this site is to let anybody sell or buy anything used or new products.

Anybody can submit ads for free without creating and account. Ad posting is free for anytime.

Our advertisers have always focused on simple processes. Driven by this preference, we built the site on formula of simplicity and best application for classified ads.

Carodsales.com has been designed to keep our users in mind. You can access information faster through category and location navigation and easy search.

Carodsales.com is easy to understand and its clear layout helps users access the most relevant page. The layout and colors are vibrant and pleasant to bypass.

To begin, carodsales.com can easily search or publish offers, advertisements, events, announcements, and messages for everything in real estate offers or for sale of new and old cars, spare parts and Services, books & publications, personal profiles for matrimonial meetings, meetings, jobs, appliances, electronics, etc.

The founder and operator of this site by Punugoti Ganga Rao in 2014 based in India. As a web developer in a prestigious firm, the interest of setting up a classified site that could be reached for each household was his idea. He handles the operations single handedly with much of importance.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this site please send us through contact form. It will help us to implement the site much better.

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