How to Leverage Risk Management to Conquer Project

A & N Islands, Andaman & Nicobar | Posted: 02-11-2016 434 views


This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Hasnain Rizvi. Risk is inherent in all business practices, processes and decisions. Rapid growth of global markets is forcing organizations to become more proactive and responsive to risk. Effective risk management is a critical success factor. Yet many organizations today face a crisis in project risk management. Introduction of total quality management, continuous improvement programs and the drive to radically redesign business processes requires an alignment with strong project risk management skills. Proficiency in these skills is a prerequisite to managing change and growth at all levels. The presentation will illustrate how successful and effective implementation of risk management employs specific skills. Rizvi will outline how project risk management provides a structured and organized way to foster innovation and sustainable growth. Practical insights from previous and current projects, along with RIZVI'S underlying competencies of project leadership and management, will be covered. Download Link:

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